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Water Heating Systems

Thermal tanks are a revolutionary product designed to save you tons of money to heat your water.  Let’s first talk about general heat pumps that are well known in the market, there are so many on the market, so many that it is difficult to make a decision.

Why are there so many?

The reality is, when South Africa went into a go green trend and eskom was giving out rebates, there were many people who jumped on the bus and imported these units for a quick buck, mostly from china. The sad thing is, most of these people did not know what they were doing and did not understand the system and how it works. So many units were installed and most resulted in actually costing people money, instead of saving them money that they were promised.

Most heat pumps are fitted as a retro fit heat pump to your existing geyser. Depending on the age of your geyser, it is almost guaranteed to effect your geyser negatively.

Your geyser is used to pressure and been full of water. Once drained to fit the heat pump, the inner coating of the geyser is shocked and weakens the geyser, shortening the life span. A heat pump installation to a geyser, is connected directly to the water of the geyser. Any blockages or pressure variances will cause the heat pump to push out error codes and shut down.

Although this system can work, it requires a lot of maintenance.There is something better on the market called Thermo Tanks by Magneto, below is information about the system and short video of how it works.


Thermo Tank by Magneto is a system design that has thought about everything that can go wrong, from maintenance, to savings, hard lime scale water, back up heating, solar ready and high pressure. With a guaranteed money saving, 170 litres on demand, an extremely long life span and the amazing design, making it a fail proof system compared to a normal heat pump with a conventional geyser.

The Thermo Tanks unique design makes maintenance a breeze and no pressure errors, especially with the water cuts we are getting nowadays. This system is tried, tested and perfected, it’s a simple and effective way to save you money on heating your water.

Even better, the manufacturers are 100% SOUTH AFRICAN, making spares and repairs simple, reliable and cheap. It is solar ready and smart, so if you are off the grid and have a smart home or Wi-Fi connection, managing this system and saving even more costs, makes this system a no brainer for you.

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Have a Boiler?

Large Scale, Customs Systems available.

The system also comes in bigger sizes, customised to fit any space.  Extremely well suited to replace big boiler systems. If these large scale units appeal to you, keep reading about our solutions for bulk shared hot water on ring loops and the convenience we will provide, when replacing old boiler tanks that just require so much maintenance.

Some resident buildings, schools, resorts, campsite that have shared hot water supplied from a boiler in a boiler room. We would like to talk about how this system WILL be the best change over decision you can make. But first, lets talk about your boiler. Firstly, a boiler needs to be installed in a boiler room, well secured from public, in case this thing explodes. Its also extremely expensive to run, so you look at cheaper options, like adding a heat pump.

All very well doing this, but draining the boiler exposes the inner protection lining and forms fine cracks. Now after a few months, this boiler starts to leak, you get welders in and try to continue patching the system, the high pressure that you require for the many people using the system, does not help this very bad situation that you are in.

With this system in place, you never need to worry about any of this, you also don’t need to worry about installation and how much dowe time you will have.

Here is the Solution we have for you:

  1. We can customise any size tank and fit into any space, without breaking anything or the use of big cranes. Saving you huge costs here.
  2. This system does not need to be in a built boiler room, as it is not high pressure which means it is not an explosive system, as is the conventional boiler system. So we can install the entire unit outside in a convenience space, while your existing system limps along, on completion, around 4 days, we change over to the new system and there is no down time.
  3. Hard lime scale water does not affect this system. Making maintenance a breeze.
  4. The heat pump runs with glycol and low pressure, meaning you will most likely never have leaks and never have blockages.
  5. The tank is low pressure, so your system will never explode and most likely never leak.
  6. In mentioning all the low pressure components, the coil inside the tank is high pressure and designed by highly qualified water engineers that make sure that the demand of hot water at the correct pressure is achieved.
  7. This unit naturally saves you 65% on your electricity bill. Guaranteed!

This system is an absolute no brainer. For more information, contact us below and we will be happy to come to you, do a presentation on exactly how this system works and exactly why this is the best solution for your bulk hot water supply.










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