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Using the Power of the African Sun

There is a false rumour about Solar Water Heating not working, this is because through the recent trend of solar water heating in South Africa, there was a lot of people who jumped on board to try make a quick buck. This resulted in a lot of people installing solar geysers without the knowledge of how the system works or how to install them. We live in amazing weather conditions for solar water heating and its crazy that we don’t make enough use out of the sun. A solar water heater installed right, will save you loads of money.

Types of Solar Geysers

There are 4 types of Solar Water Heating Systems. These systems come in low pressure or high pressure. Low pressure systems rely on gravity feed and are not ideal for big homesteads, but more for security guard houses and low cost housing. High pressure systems come in indirect or direct.

The difference between indirect and direct: Direct solar geysers, the sun heats the collector/ manifold and this heat gets transferred directly back into the geyser. Indirect solar geysers, the sun heats the collector/ manifold and this heats a coil that runs inside of the geyser, which heats the water in the geyser. The reason for this is so that one can put Glycol (anti freeze) into the system to prevent the pipes circulation the suns heats from freezing. This is suited for areas that are prone to pipes freezing.

Thermosyphon System

(Direct and Indirect available)

  • The geyser and the collector are both on the roof.
  • This does not require sophisticated timers and pumps.
  • It works the most sufficient out of all the solar geysers available and requires the least amount of maintenance.
  • Cold water sinks and hot water rises.
  • So as the cold water sinks to the solar collector it comes out the other side higher than the cold water inlet and creates a circulation motion, pulling the cold water into the collector and pushing the heated water into the geyser.

Split Pump Solar System

(Direct and Indirect available)

  • The geyser is inside the roof and the collector is outside on top of the roof.
  • Because cold water sinks and hot water rises, there is no way for the heated water in the collector to transfer back to the geyser with out the use of a pump.
  • Often people just fit a pump without a intelligent timer. This is bad, because the pump will circulate the water continuously and not give the collector time to heat sufficiently.
  • It is important to have a good intelligent timer that sends signal to the pump and collector, ensuring that the maximum heat transfer takes place.

Low Pressure Solar System

(Only Thermosiphan)

  • Low pressure solar geysers are only good for low cost housing or guard houses.
  • The heating also works thermosiphan, however the tubes are attached to the geyser and the water inside the tubes and not a collector.
  • The water to the geyser first feeds through the small filler tank on top of the geyser. Once the geyser is full, a float valve in the filler tank shuts off, similar to a toilet cistern.

Why use Churchill plumbing for your installation?

Picking a Solar Water Heating System is a big decision which costs a lot of money. We understand this , thats why Churchill Plumbing only uses the best materials and equipment. We pride ourselves to give you a product that works, requires low maintenance and that you are completely happy with.

Far to often, a plumber installs a unit and disappears once they have received their money, and it is so difficult to get them back to fix something you may not like, or something that is not working how it should be. With Churchill Plumbing, you will never have to concern yourself with after sales service. That comes 100% with our installation and a life time guarantee to service and provide advise to you.

We have tried, tested and perfected a simple and effective installation for your convenience. This system will provide you with the hot water and savings you need. A quality system like this, also adds value to your home, insurance covers it, there is always spares for maintenance and repairs and it is installed to SANS regulations with all parts and materials been SABS Approved.

On top of all this, we will provide you with a incredible 4 Stage Guarantee:

  1. 2 Years Workmanship Guaranteed, if it leaks or does not work we will fix it for FREE.
  2. We provide you with a Certificate of Compliance, which is IOPSA (Institute of Plumbing South Africa) and PIRB (Plumbing Institution Registration Board) approved.
  3. Completion of installation in ONE DAY or we will give you R500 back in cash.
  4. On completion, we will provide you with a product care guide which will help you to look after your investment.

This offer is exactly what you need because living costs continue to increase and the more you prolong this, the more expensive these systems become. Get saving now!


For a short period of time only, we are offering a FREE Site Assessment at the cost of R1300. In the assessment, we will view the correct position for your Solar Geyser, see what current system you have, followed by a quotation. Book us for your FREE Site Assessment now!



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