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Plumbing bills are getting so expensive. A plumbing call-out can cost you around R1500, even if it’s as small as a tap washer replacement. The reason is simple and true, fuel is getting more expensive by the day. And this makes everything else expensive.

Plumbing staff are demanding higher wages, and this is just to survive because of the high living cost that we are all experiencing in todays times, but we cannot ignore a leaking tap or toilet, because you are loosing money once again by wasted water and sometimes electricity too. Keeping your very important necessity “plumbing” maintained, can cost a fortune. And ignoring it can also cost you a fortune.

We have come up with the perfect solution to help you afford your plumbing maintenance and stop the waste of water and money. We have created Plumber on a Bike (POAB). POAB is designed to do all your small plumbing maintenance at half the cost.

We are able to get these cost down because of these 2 simple reasons:

  1. We are not paying a team of plumbers, we are paying 1 plumber.
  2. A motorbike uses less fuel and maintenance is cheaper than a Van or bakkie.

This way we are able to offer our customers a solution to repair all their smaller plumbing maintenance at literally half the cost of any plumbing call-out in the country. I mean why not help our customers save money.

If POAB is called out to site, and it is a bigger job than POAB can handle, a burst geyser or a toilet replacement, POAB will notify the customer and will log a call to the office to dispatch a Van team to attend to the work.

No Call-out charges will be charged by POAB, so long the Van team is used to proceed with the job.

Here is a list of things POAB can tackle:

  1. Leaking taps, replacement of taps.
  2. Leaking toilets, replacement of toilet seats and parts.
  3. No hot water, replacement of thermostats and elements, (yes POAB has ladders)
  4. Replacement of pressure control valves
  5. Replacement of geyser components, vacuum breakers, TP valves etc..
  6. Burst pipe repairs with in 1 meter lengths.
  7. Leaking basins and kitchen sink repairs.
  8. Leaking urinal repairs

Anything that one man on a bike can handle.

Plumbers Guarantee

Plumbers Guarantee… most plumbers don’t offer a guarantee on the work they do.

All plumbing installations are an essential part of your home and well-being, it is our belief that it is only right to issue a guarantee on the work we do. To protect your most important asset and money.

We take plumbing very seriously, and to prove this and stand by our workmanship, we have put guarantees in place for your piece of mind and convenience:

  1. For every job completed, there is a 12 Month Guarantee, if it leaks we fix it for free.
  2. On time or we will give you 10% OFF your invoice.

Over and above this, we are registered and members with the plumbing institutions, IOPSA (Institute of Plumbing South Africa) and PIRB (Plumbing Institution Registration Board).

The next step is to get in touch with our office and we will schedule a plumber on a bike for you at the quickest time possible.

Service contracts

Do you own restaurants? or multiple building? 

POAB offers yearly maintenance contracts where the customer pays a monthly retainer to receive an unbeatable service at an unbeatable price. this provides an unbelievable experience for the end user. 

For more information on service contracts, click this link.
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