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Off grid solutions for your GEYSER.

Most solar Electrical solar systems cannot run the conventional electric geyser. We have 4 solutions for you that each have its advantages and disadvantages which will be mentioned right here for you, so that you don’t need to spend hours on research.

We have already done all the hard work for you, finding the top 4 solutions that actually work, saving you money and ultimately getting your geyser off grid.

Solar geysers

(Direct, Indirect, low pressure, high pressure, thermosiphan, split pump systems all available)

  • Solar geysers have been the main source of off grid heating and savings and the reason is simple, they work in our weather.
  • One can convert their existing electric geyser to solar, by doing a retrofit.
  • Thermosiphan systems have the least amount of maintenance and work extremely well.
  • Solar geyser do have an electrical back up. Which cannot be added onto solar power inverters, however, you can add a alternative system to replace the element, making you completely off the grid.
  • One Can connect more than solar to your geyser, increasing your savings.
  • South African made, parts are always available.
  • Roof structures need to be strong and in good shape for installation.
  • You need space on your roof for installation.
  • System needs to be north facing and limited to shaded areas for its full potential.

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Thermal tanks

  • Thermal tanks are not the integrated heat pump that people know.
  • This is a revolutionary product that will last and will save you loads of money. More info on the button below explaining with a video.
  • Solar friendly, smart.
  • South African made, spares are always available.
  • A system that can also be installed in line of a solar geyser, which can make you completely off grid for heating water.
  • Churchill plumbing can offer massive discounts compared to the prices you can find online, there reason is, Churchill plumbing are approved agents and installers of the system.
  • By far the most durable hot water system on the market.low maintenance.
  • Installation is outside anywhere on a flat level and solid surface, preventing water damage in roofs.
  • Standard system is 200 litres in size, however, custom made unit are available to suit any hot water demand system.
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Water Heating Churchill

PV Solar water heating

  • Element and flange of existing geyser is removed and replaced with a AC and DC option.
  • All controlled with geyser wise computer controls.
  • There is still an AC element cannot be added onto your solar power inverters.
  • Need space on your roof for installation.
  • system needs to be north facing and limited to shaded areas for its full potential.

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Heat exchanger

  • Similar to the thermal tank, just a retro fit version using your existing geyser.
  • Element and flange of existing geyser is replaced with Heat exchange flange and coil.
  • System can run off solar power inverters.
  • There is no AC back up element, making you fully off grid, the heat exchanger is the new element.
  • Unit looks like a air-con and installation can be mounted on walls or flat roofs, not inside a roof as the unit needs to be well ventilated.

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Why use Churchill plumbing for your installation?

Picking a Heating System for your geyser that actually works is a big decision and costs a lot of money. We understand this, thats why Churchill Plumbing only uses the best materials and equipment that we have experienced through the years, that actually work!! We pride ourselves to give you a product that works, requires low maintenance and that you are completely happy with. We have over 12 years experience and claim ourselves as geyser heating experts, from small 100 litre systems to bulk 70 000 litre systems for multiple use.

Far to often, especially when something is on demand, everyone jumps on board and you find a plumber that installs a system and disappears once they have received their money, and it is so difficult to get them back for whatever reason. With Churchill Plumbing, you will never have to be concerned about after sales service. That comes 100% with our installation and a life time guarantee to service and provide advise to you.

We have tried, tested and perfected a simple and effective installation for your convenience. This system will provide you with the hot water and savings you need. A quality system like this, also adds value to your home, insurance covers it, there is always spares for maintenance and repairs and it is installed to SANS regulations with all parts and materials been SABS Approved. Your goal and dream of becoming off grid, becomes a reality with ease using us.

On top of all this, we will provide you with an incredible 4 Stage Guarantee:

  1. 2 Years Workmanship Guaranteed, if it leaks or does not work we will fix it for FREE.
  2. We provide you with a Certificate of Compliance, which is IOPSA (Institute of Plumbing South Africa) and PIRB (Plumbing Institution Registration Board) approved.
  3. Completion of installation in ONE DAY or we will give you R500 back in cash.
  4. On completion, we will provide you with a product care guide which will help you to look after your investment.

This offer is exactly what you need because living costs continue to increase and Government continue failing to keep the lights on. The more you prolong this, the more expensive these systems become. Get saving now and get the system installed professionally for peace of mind.


For a short period of time only, we are offering a FREE Site Assessment for the value of R1300. In the assessment, we will find out what you want, we will view your current geyser, Provide our expert advise and suggestions, followed by a quotation. Book us for your FREE Site Assessment now!











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