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Municipal Connection

How the System Works?
  • The water supply from the water meter feeds into the tank, however still keeps a bypass connection direct to the house, for maintenance purposes or if the pump fails.
  • From the bottom of the water tank, the water then feeds through a filter that will protect the pump from unnecessary maintenance and headaches.
  • It then supplies the booster pump which will supply pressure to the home, a high quality pump is recommended, this prevent loud noises and regular maintenance.
  • The system will fill up automatically when municipal water is on. Piped smartly, if the electricity fails and your pump is not connected to a solar back up powering system, you will still have pressure to the water point.

Borehole Connection

How the System Works?
  • The borehole will need a submersible pump, to suit the holes depth, water quantity and demand to pump water out of the hole and into a water storage tank.
  • From the water storage tank, depending on the water will be used from, one can fit filtration to clean the water.
  • This will then feed through a booster pump and supply the home and its garden taps.
  • Depending on the quality of this water. With the correct filtration, one will be able to drink the water, But only once the correct testing and filtration is done to ensure that this will be safe to drink.
  • If one does not wish to drink borehole water and instead uses it for gardens and sanitary, rain water harvesting works well together with a borehole system.

Rain Water Harvesting

How the System Works
  • One of the best solutions for water harvesting, especially when coupled with borehole water.
  • The water in the storage tank come from your roof through gutters when it rains. The tanks will only be full through the raining season, and will dry up when used and there is no rain. Although one will be able to use the same storage tanks with a borehole, and only make use of the borehole water, when the raining season has passed.
  • Catching rain from your roof though gutters can harvest thousands of litres of water.
  • The use of this water is mainly for watering gardens, filling swimming pools and even supply to your home, though proper filtration, but never for drinking purposes, so if you drink water out of your taps, piping this water to your sanitation wont be a good idea.
  • One can always supply one drinking tap in the kitchen from a separate water supply and pipe the rest of the house in this way.

Why use Churchill plumbing for your installation?

Churchill plumbing only uses the best materials and equipment. We pride ourselves to give you a product that works, low maintenance and that you are happy with.

Far to often, a plumber installs a unit and disappears once they have received their money, and it is so difficult to get them back to fix something you may not like, or something that is not working how it should be. With churchill plumbing, you will never have to concern yourself with after sales service. That comes 100% with the installation.

We have tried, tested and perfected a simple and effective installation for your convenience. This system will provide you with the water you need and you will not feel the water cuts. So you can have that lovely bubble bath, and flush your number twos without having to be embarrassed leaving the loo.

We have created a fail proof level indicator that gives you a direct indication of what level your tanks water is. Your pump will be covered with a pump cover.

But don’t take our word for it, on top of all this, we will provide you with a 3 stage guarantee:

  1. 2 Year Guaranteed, it leaks or does not work we fix for FREE.
  2. Completion within time frame, or we will give you R500 back in cash.
  3. On completion, we provide you with a product care guide which will help you to look after your investment.

This offer is exactly what you need because municipality’s are constantly failing to provide us with the very important necessity “WATER”, the more you prolong this, the more expensive these systems become. We have undeniable proof that this systems works and we are providing you with videos from actual customers that have used us and have no need to fear water cuts.

The next thing you need to do, is make the smart decision and purchase this ultimate back up water system with our expert installation skills.


For a short period of time only, get a FREE Site Inspection worth R2000. We will assess where you want the system, take measurements and photos, we will then send you a quotation with a completion time frame that we will stick to, or you receive R500 back in cash.

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