Selecting the right CoC

The status of Certificates of compliance (CoC’s) for electric water heaters (geysers)

Since the change of SANS 10254 on 24 June 2022, there is no longer ANY requirement in any standard, regulation or act for a CoC to be issued for any installation or repair of a geyser. Claims to the contrary are incorrect. There are some municipalities which still require a CoC to be issued in terms of their by-laws, which remains a legal requirement irrespective of the changes to SANS 10254. The majority of these municipalities require a PIRB CoC. If, at some time in the future, there are any amendments to this, we will inform industry immediately.

Clients (e.g. property owners, developers, insurance companies, etc.), are well within their rights to require their service providers to issue a CoC. They may choose to use any form of CoC, from any individual or company, based on their own criteria to ensure quality, safety and accountability. In short, it is entirely voluntary.

Plumbers too have the right to either issue a CoC or not (depending on their client’s requirements). In this regard we strongly recommend that plumbers choose to continue issuing CoC’s as this brings professionalism, traceability and accountability to the industry. The selection of which form of CoC to use is important and is dealt with below.

The status of Certificates of compliance (CoC’s) for solar water heaters and heat pumps.

Although SABS has made it clear that it will be removing all requirements for CoC’s from all standards, for all industries in the near future. The current requirements to issue a PIRB CoC for these types of installations remains a requirement. If these standards are amended, we will notify you immediately.

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Credit: IOPSA.