Bathroom Renovations:


For a short period of time only, we offering a FREE Site Assessment at the cost of R1300. Here we will meet you, see what you would like to do, measure, take photos and send you a Quotation. Book us for your FREE Assessment, now!

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Deciding to renovate your bathroom can be daunting, we have the inside info you need regarding the SECRETS TO SUCCESS. Request the eBook displayed below and we will email you the eBook… for FREE!


Why use Churchill Plumbing?

Churchill Plumbing only uses the best materials and equipment, meaning your pipes and fittings on average should last 30 years. We pride ourselves to give you a bathroom that you love, and to do with your best interests at heart.

We have tried, tested and perfected a simple and effective way to do bathroom renovations, and it excites us to see the final product and hand over to see the smile on our customers face.

On top of this, If we don’t finish your bathroom renovation in 14 days, we will give you R1000 back in cash for every day over due. We will further give you a 3 Year Guarantee, if something leaks, we will fix it for free. Terms and Conditions apply.